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Our mission is to make our brands the go-to source for our customer’s needs. Using data, customer insights, and industry intelligence we tirelessly evaluate and test new technologies, channels, and methods to drive the growth of our businesses by increasing brand awareness, market share, and revenue.

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Jon Legler

Executive Vice President, Marketing

Jon Legler

Jon leads Spring Venture Group’s Marketing team as the Executive Vice President of Marketing. Together, he and his team are responsible for designing, developing, and executing innovative marketing programs that captivate, acquire and retain our audiences. Jon has more than 15 years of experience leading digital, content, and paid media strategy for a variety of leading consumer and B2B brands. Jon is passionate about leveraging technology and data to drive to efficiencies that build strong sales and grow market share. His passion for building and inspiring high-performance, results-driven marketing teams makes him an invaluable company leader.

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