our mission

To be the most trusted partner for our customers and our people, enabling empowered decisions along the journey to health and financial well-being.


what we do

Helping people is what we do. We provide personalized support and guidance for anyone who wants to explore their health insurance options. We’re recognized most for our experience with Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans, but we also help people discover other insurance products including:

Prescription Drug Coverage

Dental, Vision, and Hearing plans

Accident Coverage

Critical Illness (Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke)

Hospital Indemnity

Affordable Care Act plans

our leadership

Chris Giuliani

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Giuliani

Chris is the CEO of Spring Venture Group and a member of the company’s board of directors. Chris joined Spring Venture Group in 2011 as Executive Vice President with a promotion to CEO in 2012. His emphasis on calculated growth and leadership development helped build the organization from 27 employees in 2012 to over 1000 in 2018. Chris empowers decision making and embraces an entrepreneurial spirit through constant improvement and innovation. This vision is at the core of Spring Venture Group’s tremendous success and has set the standard for our company culture. Under his leadership, Spring Venture Group has earned recognitions in INC. magazine’s Inc. 5000, Business Insurance’s Best Places to Work, The Kansas City Business Journal’s Fast 50, and earned Chris a place on Ingram’s 40 Under Forty list in 2014 and has been inducted in the Ingram’s 250 three times.

Kim Hlobik

Chief Operating Officer

Kim Hlobik

As Chief Operating Officer, Kim leads Spring Venture Group's Technology and Customer Experience teams and other areas that impact our company-wide operations. A 20-year veteran of the health care technology industry, Kim is known for her innovative use of data and product research in meeting the demands of a rapidly changing industry. She has a track record of improving organizational efficiencies, optimizing workflows, and using real-time analytics to identify opportunities for growth, which make her a key strategic leader. Kim has an MBA from the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Mike Young

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Young

Mike's emphasis on technological strategy drives Spring Venture Group's organizational innovation. As head of SVG’s Technology divisions he oversees data management, web application development, UI/UX, software engineering, DevOps, service desk, and R&D. His strategies link SVG’s tech capabilities to business objectives across the organization, enhancing performance and spurring business growth while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and security certification. With over 20 years of experience in public and private sector technology, Mike has an extensive background in software engineering, event-based microservice architectures, and Cloud computing. His experience in digital innovation is essential as SVG plans for the future.

Lauren Guinta

President of Agencies

Lauren Guinta

As Spring Venture Group's senior sales leader, Lauren oversees the strategy, development, and implementation of initiatives that drive high-performing sales teams in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market. Lauren and her team are responsible for the forecasting, planning, and analysis of sales performance, balancing revenue generation and cost management. She is also a leader among our business partners, building lasting relationships focused on mutual growth. Lauren’s motivational leadership fosters a culture of inclusion and diversity, preparing salespeople and sales leadership for immediate and sustained success.

Sarah Sampson

Chief Experience Officer

Sarah Sampson

As Chief Experience Officer, Sarah leads a team that produces new and innovative solutions. She has over 18 years of experience helping brands listen, interpret, act, and maximize customer feedback that delivers powerful and engaging interactions. These strategies drive exceptional experiences for customers who trust our brands for their insurance shopping needs. Sarah's vision and keen analytical ability turn data into empathy-driven campaigns, making her a trusted thought leader for our entire organization.

Kyle Abernathy

Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Abernathy

Kyle leads Spring Venture Group’s finance operations including accounting; modeling and forecasting; analysis; negotiations and risk management; investor relations; and private/institutional financing. He oversees strategic initiatives linking financial goals and business objectives to enhance financial performance and organizational growth. Kyle’s authentic leadership style has made him a trusted advisor to executive leadership, colleagues, and team members. His deep financial expertise and experience leading high-growth businesses are key as SVG looks toward the future.

Johnny Hilgers

Chief Analytics Officer

Johnny Hilgers

Johnny oversees the development of Spring Venture Group's powerful solutions including: data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis to enhance processes across our brands. His team turns complex information into actionable solutions and insights that produce better business decisions. As an analytics leader with a Finance background, he brings a unique perspective to his role. His expertise in data science, combined with his comprehensive understanding of how businesses generate revenue, allows him to prioritize initiatives that are aligned with our financial objectives. Johnny quickly rose to an executive position at SVG and is recognized as essential to our success. In 2018 he was listed among Ingram’s 20 in their Twenties Award, which recognizes significant industry impact by young executives.

Burke Walker

Chief People Officer

Burke Walker

Burke heads the strategy and processes that build and maintain Spring Venture Group's award-winning culture. Burke oversees global HR operations including talent acquisition, learning and development, employee experience, internal communications, total rewards, HR business partnerships, licensing, and facilities. Burke is also an integral part of our senior strategy team, working with senior leadership to ensure that all facets of HR support business needs. He is a highly accomplished executive with 20+ years of experience, having led HR programs for companies like NASB, Applebee’s, H&R Block, and Sprint.

Jon Legler

Executive Vice President, Marketing

Jon Legler

Jon leads Spring Venture Group’s Marketing team as the Executive Vice President of Marketing. Together, he and his team are responsible for designing, developing, and executing innovative marketing programs that captivate, acquire and retain our audiences. Jon has more than 15 years of experience leading digital, content, and paid media strategy for a variety of leading consumer and B2B brands. Jon is passionate about leveraging technology and data to drive to efficiencies that build strong sales and grow market share. His passion for building and inspiring high-performance, results-driven marketing teams makes him an invaluable company leader.

our departments

our brands

SVG is the parent company of three brands, each designed to support health insurance shoppers differently. Even so, we are all interconnected — sharing ideas, collaborating across teams, and innovating on-the-fly. And while each agency has its specialty, the differentiation allows us to leverage distinct approaches to get shoppers on the phone and eager to learn. Read more about our brands below.



SmartMatch offers clients a clear view of a variety of health insurance options, whether they’re looking at Medicare products (like Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage), Individual & Family plans, or other protection. Our licensed insurance agents work with clients individually to provide a personalized shopping experience.


United Medicare Advisors

Since 2009, United Medicare Advisors has helped people find Medicare Supplement Insurance that meets their needs and budget. Our team even helped introduce the comparison shopping model to the Medicare industry. Today, we use our expertise to guide people to a supplement plan they’ll love, which gives them confidence, financial protection, and peace of mind.



SmartConnect was created to help Medicare-eligible working adults seamlessly connect to the world of Medicare. We work with organizations across the country as their service provider for Medicare education, resources, and enrollment services for employees.