Medicaid Redetermination Has Meant Confusion, Loss of Eligibility for Hundreds of Thousands

SmartMatch provides free advocacy services for beneficiaries during eligibility review

In 2020, Congress passed a continuous coverage requirement to protect people enrolled in Medicaid during the COVID-19 public health emergency. When federal pandemic protections ended in April 2023, states were left to determine which beneficiaries remain eligible for Medicaid. Redetermination means more than 92 million people must submit mandatory paperwork or face loss of health insurance.˟ 

It is projected that millions could lose coverage because they no longer qualify or due to problems completing paperwork correctly and on time. So far, those concerns have proven all too real. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation report, over 600,000 people have lost eligibility since April 1 due to incomplete or unsubmitted paperwork.* 

Many states reported a substantial loss of eligibility early in this process. More than 55 percent of beneficiaries in Utah lost coverage in the first two months for procedural mistakes. In Indiana, 53,000 lost eligibility in the first month, most for not returning renewal forms.  

Natalie Davis, founder of a nonpartisan advocacy organization called United States of Care, said  to the New York Times that there’s been confusion over elusive details like which plan covers which family members, and what information is needed to qualify for Medicaid.˟ Finding the right answers can be particularly challenging for those who:

  • Gained dual Medicaid/Medicare eligibility during the pandemic
  • Moved to another state between 2020 and 2023
  • Have disabilities, or whose primary language is not English

“Since 2020, Medicaid beneficiaries haven’t had to worry about renewal,” said Matt Lowe, vice president of Brand & Content at Spring Venture Group. “That’s changed abruptly, and more than half a million people have lost coverage. It’s an alarming situation for people who don’t know where to go for help.” 

SmartMatch: Personal advocacy

SmartMatch, an SVG brand, is a trusted consumer advocate and valuable resource for people just trying to follow the rules. SmartMatch licensed agents can help people understand their state’s renewal requirements (states are following different timelines and plans) and offer guidance for those who lose coverage.  

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SmartMatch empowers customers with proprietary technology, the expertise of its agents, and a wide range of services. For those who lose Medicaid eligibility, agents explain available coverage options and provide the latest health plan information. For people who retain their coverage, SmartMatch evaluates and compares plans, seeking the best deal for customers during normal Medicare enrollment periods. 

SmartMatch works with leading national carriers to offer a variety of plans available in your area. Customers can access up-to-the-minute information on prices and products to find a plan that suits their health needs and financial situation. For more information on Medicaid Redetermination 2023, visit SmartMatch or call 1-888-411-7647 / TTY: 711.

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